Zig Zag Blanket

Baby Blanket, lap rug, throw - here's another beautiful blanket idea using Patons Sierra.

I fell in love with Christy Kamm's Zick Zack scarf pattern on Ravelry so I made it into a blanket. The free scarf pattern is here: ZickZack Scarf

To make it into a blanket I used 8ply yarn and bigger needles than usual for 8ply - 5.5mm. I alternated between Patons Sierra in Alpine View and Canyon Glow. I think other Sierra combinations would also look great. Canyon Glow with Purple Mountain - I think that would be very effective.

This particular size blanket (a baby's cot blanket or lap rug) only used one ball of each colour and the finished size is 75cm x 103cm.

The pattern is a very simple 12 stitch repeat so to make it wider just add multiples of 12 stitches and knit until it's as long as you want it.

Tip: I suggest placing a stitch marker at every 24 stitches so if you have a brain fade and make a mistake you only have to unpick within a 24 stitch block to fix it. This pattern is VERY easy but miscounts can still happen! The stitch markers were a real saviour for me. Slip the stitch markers onto the needle every 24 stitches and keep slipping them from left needle to right needle as you come to it. Don't attach them to the knitting.

How to make the Zig Zag blanket


Colour 1: Patons Sierra 8ply in Canyon Glow (3180) 1 x 150g ball (375 metres)

Colour 2: Patons Sierra 8ply in Alpine View (1370) 1 x 150g ball (375 metres)


5.5mm circular needle on a long cable ie., greater than 100cm. This blanket is knitted flat and the cable is helpful to hold all the stitches.

Finished size: 75cm x 103cm

Tension/Gauge: not essential for this blanket. My gauge was 17 stitches over 10cm.


With Colour 1 cast on 144 stitches (or any multiple of 12)

Row 1: (Colour 1) [K5 K2tog K4 Kfb] repeat until the end of the row

Row 2: [K5 K2tog K4 Kfb] repeat until the end of the row

Row 3: with Colour 2 [K5 K2tog K4 Kfb] repeat until the end of the row

Row 4: [K5 K2tog K4 Kfb] repeat until the end of the row

Repeat rows 1 - 4 until the blanket is long enough, or you run out of yarn, or you run out of steam :-). Carry the yarn not in use loosely up the side of the blanket - you will not have lots of ends to sew in and it will look neat and nice.

Cast off loosely and weave in any ends.

Too easy!